I Raise My Hat

June 15, 2013 in Podcasts

In which Ol’ Dick finds an epitaph, swoons over singing saws, finally plays a favourite and dances all the way home. Once again, its an hour of mayhem,  blues, roots and beyond from Howlings porch.

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Where’s ya saw Allison?


Down Home Special Bo Diddley Bo’s Blues
Aint Got Religion Mighty Bosscats We Are Where We Are
Nadine John Hammond Got Love If You Want It
Ain’t No Grave Johnny Cash American V1
Bleeding Muddy Water Mark Lanegan Band Blues Funeral
Think The 5 Royales I Smell A Rat
Devil’s Bride Matt Andersen Live From The PhoenixTheater
Meet Me In The Morning Bob Dylan Blood On The Tracks
Rolled And Tumbled Rose Hemphill Southern Journey, Vol. 3
Going Out West Hillfolk Noir What’s That Hat For?
The Door Is Still Open Earl Gaines Here Comes The Hurt
Bright Light Petunia & the Vipers           Petunia & The Vipers
C-Line Woman Heritage Blues Orchestra And Still I Rise
John Lee Hooker For President Ry Cooder Pull Up Some Dust And Sit Down